Sunday, February 19, 2012

February 4, 2012

AARF at Spencerville, ON
Starter Jumper Starter Gambler Starter Standard

Success Criteria (what I wish to accomplish in these runs):
1. Run with enthusiasm and with drive.
2. Hold start line stay - although I will not push her understanding.
3. Take each jump without going under or around any jump.
4. At each contact run through yellow and complete 2O2O at bottom.
5. Run at table, jump and immediately down into position.
6. Enter weaves correctly.
7. Complete weaves correctly.
8. If possible, test a serp, threadle and/or "lala".
9. Eat a treat and play with a toy entering and leaving ring.
10. Have fun!

1. Inca had a ton of drive today. She ran like snot! For the jumper and standard run she worked with me really well. The gambler run was her fastest – faster than she chases squirrels – but wasn't connected with me and ran around doing the stuff she liked best.
2. Inca did not break her start line stay. I did not really lead out though – more lateral distance to get past the wings of jumps.
3. Inca performed each jump correctly. She did not knock bars, go under or around any jumps with one exception as described below.
4. Inca's contacts were lovely. She didn't miss any, however her 2O2O was often shaky or absent.
5. Inca ran to the table, jumped on and downed immediately. However, she counts faster than the judge and decided the table was done at “3”. While she downed several other times, Inca would not stay down. I didn't want to give her the impression we were done with table when she decided so we kept working it until our time was up.
6. Inca initially ran past the weaves from the teeter but came back and got the entry on the second try.
7. Inca completed the weaves OK. She did them completely independently but not exactly with drive more of a bounce.
8. We tried a “lala” jump in the gambler course coming off the dog walk. Inca had no understanding and kept running around and around the jump. There was no opportunity for a threadle but did read a serp really well in the standard when I was quite behind her and sent to a tunnel, I serped a jump and ran on to the teeter.
9. Inca very happily ate roast beef both in the crating area and before and after runs. She was reluctant to play with a toy but I did get her to engage with a tug before her first run.
10. We had tons of fun! Inca got more and more excited as the day went on. She decided she likes this game and wants to play with me.

Next steps:
1. We need to consciously develop a pre-run routine that we also use in practice. Today I took Inca out of her crate and spent about 5 minutes massaging her, then we went outside for a potty break. We then did on leash obedience/rally exercises for treats. We went into the ring area about 4 dogs ahead of us where we did 2-3 jumps over the practice jump on leash (conditions were terrible and incredibly crowded). Then we did circle work, heeling, sits, downs and stay while we waited for out turn. As the previous dog is halfway through the course I picked Inca up and took off her leash. I carried her into the ring and held her until we are told to begin. I put her down, she sat and I released right away.
2. I need to keep working on commitment point for tunnels. I peeled away a little early from the second tunnel in jumpers and she came with me. Good girl Inca!
3. I need to keep working each jump in a sequence. In the jumper course, the second last jump (double) Inca came barrelling out of the tunnel and toward me, I should have indicated the jump but was out of breath and desperately trying to keep up and neglected to do it and she ran beside the jump.
4. We need way more distance work. Inca is only confident with me working right beside her.
5. More weave work:)
6. More contact work especially at speed and distance.

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