Monday, February 20, 2012

Angles and Dots

I am auditing Helen King's structure class through Daisy Peel's online classroom.  I am learning lots but want to do each exercise because I think that will really help me to extend my understanding.

Inca is a three year old Kleinpudle or moyen which is in between the mini and standard size poodle.  Inca was entrusted to me by Karin at Karbit Poodle to whom I will be forever grateful. 

This is my friend Sandra, helping me with positioning my squirmy worm Inca.  "I don't want to be no conformation dog!!"  Inca is not relaxed at all in this pose so it may affect things a little.

I really don't know much at this point but will try my best to apply what I am learning about structure.

I think Inca has a nice tail set. Her tail is usually up and waving all around but when she is thinking about something it is down more like a border collie.  Her pelvis seems to have a nice slope to it and her femur and tibia seem to be equal in length.  I think she has a slight rise over the loin as well, although perhaps that is a result of her being tense?

I find it much harder to see the front assembly.  But here goes:
Inca's front legs seem to be set quite far back almost under her withers.  She seems to be well balanced.  Inca has a ewe neck but her neck seems "just right" neither too long nor too short.  Her upper arm and shoulder both seem to have a nice angle to them.

Here is she all "dotty".  Inca was more relaxed in this shot.

You can't see the dot on the base of her tail but it is there!  It would be just before where you see the tail bending the way Sandra is holding it.  Inca's pelvis is a little shorter than I thought prior to dots.  Her femur and tibia look well balanced and equal in length.

Inca's neck looks a little "squished" in this shot.  I think Sandra is holding her head a little high (mainly because she is a squirmy worm!)  I think her upper arm is shorter than her shoulder and maybe the shoulder is straighter than I thought.  Inca's legs seem set right under her withers.

Hmmm.... well that's the best that I can do at this point in my learning.

iPhotoSo I have been reflecting on Inca's dots.  I really don't think they are quite right.  While I did my best to get them located in the correct spot, I think that placing them on top of the curls allows them to shift a bit.

I have uploaded the picture into Skitch and added pink electronic dots as I "felt" Inca up as she sat on a table beside me.  I think everything is very close but tweaked a little.  Her wither's are almost directly above her elbow.   Inca's ischium is down just a bit from where I originally had it as is her knee and hock.

And finally, here is Inca with her lines drawn in.

I would like to see Inca with her head and tail held a little more naturally.   Her shoulder isn't as sloping as perhaps I would wish but I wouldn't call it straight either.  Her front legs could be a touch further back under her body as well.

Her pelvis is moderate and a little more slope would be beneficial.  Inca's femur and tibia appear equal.  Inca has a moderate croup and thigh width.  Her back appears a little long but there does seem to be a rise over the loin which hopefully provides a little more strength.

Overall, I guess that adds up to PERFECT!  At least for me.

Inca's Journey: Angles and Dots

Inca is not completely balanced.  I've been trying to figure out where the imbalance is coming from.  If her pelvis were more severely sloping, her triangle lines would match up better and yet it would make her back much longer and create a smaller croup.  If her shoulder were laid back on much more of an angle then that would be a better balance.  It would, however, make for quite an extreme angle with her upper arm.  I don't know how that would affect Inca's performance ability.  I actually think that Inca has a long hock.  If her hock were a little shorter, that would lower her rear and I think help to balance her out overall.

I'm not entirely sure what a long hock does to performance.  I think I read that it provides more bounce - think bunny rabbit.  That certainly fits with Inca.  She goes from 4 on the floor in the kitchen to one bounce up on the counter top.  How that affects agility, I have no idea.

I love my girl!  She keeps me on my toes.  Inca is athletic.  Very fast and turns on a dime.  Overall, I think her structure is very good and will give her the support she needs to excel in any activity.

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